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Water Ice (CHERRY)

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Philly Twist


Meet West Coast Pretzels

We created our pretzels in the style of East Coast pretzels specifically the Philly style we grew up loving. Not only are Philly pretzels twisted in an unique oblong / squished shape compared to traditional twisted pretzels – they also have a dense, chewiness similar to a bagel.

Since moving to Los Angeles 30 years ago, we could not find any ‘real’ soft-pretzels and took up the challenge to create a Philly style, salted lye pretzel that could pass our taste test!

We think we have achieved our goal – and so do our customers.  Give our pretzel a try and let us know what you think.

Soft-pretzels should not be a specialty food served at restaurants for up to $10.  You should not have to go to a mall to get a sugary piece of bread being sold as a soft-pretzel. Soft-pretzels should be available on every corner and we are on a mission to make this a reality.


We make our soft-pretzels with only 4 ingredients; flour, yeast, salt and water and then we dip them in a sodium hydroxide (lye) solution before baking.  And that’s it!  No oil. No butter. No sugar.


How To Make An Order?

  • 1. Select your pretzel

    Choose from a Double-Twisted™ (our version of a traditional pretzel) with or without cheese or a Philly style oblong pretzel.

  • 2. Add it to the shopping cart

    We currently offer pretzels at a minimum order of 25 units – perfect for birthday parties, anniversary parties, pool parties, holiday parties and even bar/bat mitzvahs and a Quinceañera!

  • 3. Complete the checkout form

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  • 4. Enter desired shipping address

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  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

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