Though pretzels taste like Philly pretzels, we offer it in a both a Philly shape (oblong) and traditional.  I spent my formative years in Philly and have never lost my love of a chewy and dense soft-pretzel similar to a bagel.

However, since moving to Los Angeles 30 years ago, I could not find a ‘real’ soft-pretzel which was both boiled and dipped in lye.  I have worked over the past two years perfecting both the recipe and the process sharing my creations with friends and colleagues.

After much prodding, I have started West Coast Pretzels as a CFO (Cottage Food Operation) out of my home in Studio City as a test to see if there are other’s in Los Angeles whom miss a crave a good pretzel.

I have a Class A CFO Permit from the County of Los Angeles Public Health and have a ANSI approved food server certificate.

We make our soft-pretzels with only 4 ingredients; flour, yeast, salt and water.  There is no oil. No butter. No sugar!

Why are our pretzels the real deal, because pretzels by definition are dipped in lye and ours are dipped in a food grade lye solution. Mall pretzels are basically sugary dough dipped in a cold baking soda solution.  Our pretzels taste like Philly pretzels which should be enjoyed at room temperature – never hot –  with a nice chew on the outside and soft / dense inside.

Soft-pretzels are not meant to be eaten hot rather they should be eaten at room temperature.  The texture and chewiness of a soft pretzel is lost when eaten hot, straight our of the oven.  What ever you do not finish should be placed in a plastic storage bag and placed into the freezer.  Reheat the pretzel in a toaster over at 300 degrees for 5 minutes.  If still frozen, turn off the toaster over and let the pretzel sit in the oven 1-2 more minutes – and that’s it!  Don’t forget the deli mustard – a must for any pretzel lover!  Enjoy!


FREE DELIVERY within 3 miles of Studio City (Laurel Canyon & Ventura Blvd.)
  • 1. Choose

    Philly style, Double-Twist™ or a Double-Twist™ with Cheese.

  • 2. Mix and Match

    Minimum order per product of 10 pieces with a total order minimum of 30 pieces.

  • 3. Checkout

    Give us the details of where and when we will be hand-delivering your fresh baked pretzels.

  • 4. Eat

    Eat the pretzels as they are or heat them up for 3 minutes at 350 degrees.  Add some mustard and you are good to go!

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