When I moved to Los Angeles just over 30 years ago, I could not find a ‘real’ Philly style soft-pretzel  – one that was both chewy and dense (similar to a bagel). All I could find were the soft and sugary pretzel available in malls.

I figured I could make my own soft-pretzels. After two years of research that included befriending a German Master Baker and a 2nd generation soft-pretzel baker who owns a soft-pretzel bakery in Philadelphia, I developed a recipe and a process for making an authentic Philly style pretzel–without actually being in Philly.

I made soft-pretzels almost every weekend and everyone raved about how great my pretzels were and that I should sell them. Well, with some trepidation and hesitation, I got my food handlers certificate, started a CFO (cottage food operation) our of my home and created a website to take orders and deliver fresh baked pretzels on the weekend.

After 2 years I have grown the business and now operate a 1,400 sq ft commercial/retail bakery with a pick-up window located at 7617 Vineland Ave @Saticoy., I guess I can now officially call myself a soft-pretzel baker.


Thanks to everyone who has cheered me on and supported this new endeavor!

With no formal baking experience I decided that I would make my own soft-pretzels at home because those sugary, so-called “pretzels” sold in the mall are NOT real pretzels!

I want to thank you for your support and if you like our pretzels please spread the love and let others know that they too can finally get real pretzels in Los Angeles delivered to their door!